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Why high quality images are so important in Social Media marketing

Why high quality images are so important in Social Media marketing

.Earn trust with your audience
Digital marketing is not all about blogging, creating posts, engaging and getting it shared. In the end, we all want to sell something online. And images can help you to make the sales but patience is all what is needed!

Consumers love images.Afterall images create trust and give a great look and feel of the product/service the consumers are about to buy.

A picture means all, the quality of a product/service image is very important for the consumers in the process of selecting and purchasing a product/service.

. Get more social shares
There are so many reasons why a piece of content without any images does not get as many social shares as content with images. It all starts with the „need“ for images in some social networks. But there is more to that,not just normal blury pictures.

Tweets with images get 150% percent more retweets and a lot more engagement than tweets without images. And people like me know that. I will not tweet your content if you don’t provide any image to go with the tweet because I know that it is more or less worthless to tweet content without an image.

. Keep your reader’s attention
As already metioned the fact, that images help you to structure the content – but there is more to that,for sure.

Mostly internet users pay closer attention to information in images. Images provide valuable fixpoints in the content. And if they are related to the actual topic and content they help your audience to skim the content and see in an instant whether the information is useful – or not.
But! You need to provide images that are valuable to your audience – simple, unrelated stock photos will most of the time not do the trick.

Instead go for graphics, illustrations or something else that is on-topic but the quality must be great or top class

. Make your content memorable
Do you want to make an impression on your audience and stay on their minds? Then use great and high quality images!

If we hear a piece of information we will remember 10% of it after 3 days – if you see the information, you will remember 65% of it. And statistics are similar for written content compared to images.

. Get more views to your content
And it does not end with just social shares. Your articles will get a lot more attention if you include great and high quality images in it. Of course, some of this is due to getting more social shares – Articles with more pictures get more views

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