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What is desperate selling and is it okay for my business?

This is how desperate selling works:

1 You chase after clients even though you know its taking you nowhere.

2 You ignore the red flags because you think you NEED that sale.

3 Price discounting in the hope that cutting the price will be a faster route to closing business than establishing value.

4 High pressure tactics annoying the heck out of people

5 Fear of contradicting or challenging the client/ customer, even if the buyer is misinformed or is making unrealistic demands.

6 Trying to close with nothing – rapport, credibility, and sincerity

7 Exaggerating or distorting the truth, providing far too little or way too much detail about our products, not showing why your message has broad relevance, and lapsing into jargon and fluff.

Trust me, we all have been there.  But, the faster you learn what works long time and what makes you an authority figure is important for your success. 

Here are the few things to get off the desperate selling procedure.

1 Keep the pipeline full: Never stop the leads coming in even if you are closed for the day. Even our clients get booked with calls from our ads, we still don’t close them.

We start a wait list, sell smaller products, keep them engaged and ready to convert when needed.

If they have a sales team, they get deposits for the next opening.  This way, there is no way they fall for desperate selling when the sales dry up. 

2 Connect and start a relationship: I can’t stress this one enough. Sales is the ultimate goal, but the road to that sales should be made out of real relationship, quality connections and credibility.

You will be the first one they would call as soon as they are ready for you.

3 Get creative: Or hire someone who will keep you in check in terms of the creative process.

Whether it’s your messaging or the offer or the sales process or the delivery method, keep the client filled with more and more value and creativity.

4 Get off the roller coaster: You may find that when you’re busy, you don’t have time to sell.

And when you’re not busy, you end up getting desperate. So, be consistent in bringing the leads OR hire a ads expert for filling up your leads and sales pipeline so no matter how much your workload is, those sales and onboarding process is taken care.

You would be so good at sales when you are not desperate. That’s not a guess.  It’s a proven fact.  So, just enjoy the process and your success is already happening.


Desperate selling does not work and it will never ever help you.Don’t try it out,because it will to failure .Focus on your business and be diligent ,focused and patient.