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Entrepreneurs are the solution

How to improve yourself and prepare for the future

Truely speaking the future belongs to you. You know, the future belongs to those who prepare for it. Success is not an Accident at all, you must prepare for it.

Anybody could be a success. Make sure that there is profit in all labor, you have to make sure you realize you’re not a spectator in life; make up your mind not to live your life on the sidewalk. 

There are lots of dreamers who never achieve. It’s not good enough to dream.

Making a dream come true is a different story . For everyone to have his dreams come true, they have to follow the right process and principles. Not many recognize the importance of having a good coach in their life’s.


We need new thinking, a new concept, that is what we need to build a new world, to build a new future. Life cannot continue as usual, things must change.

When you have a new idea, you need to have new ways of winning. Refuse to think “where will I get money for my projects “ rather put your project together and the right people will locate you where you are .

Change your mentality, get ready to be big in the midst or challenges. Become that big. Dream of a life that is bigger than your environment. You have made the decision, now go for it.

We thinking of a new idea. Think big. That’s the way you are going to be. Think of becoming an influencer . Change your generation. You can and you are going to do it.

One of the reasons you need to be rich is so that you must not make excuses for helping others . Let’s explore our minds and bring out the best to the surface.

I made up my mind that I will never be a fool. Do you have to make up your mind? Yes of course,if you don’t make up your mind,no one will do it for you.

Ways which you could do this are by;


1. Cultivating a discontent with mundanely and mediocrity in your life.

Refuse to be satisfied with anything that is not excellent. Set your sail and go for it, when you win it will be a total different story.

No critics ever won. They are spectators. No matter what you do, be the best.

2. Drive yourself to improve your mind and abilities.

You have made the decision, now wake up and run. Make up your mind that they are going to watch you. You stay hours watching home videos; you stay hours watching the news. From sundown to sun down. Make the news,don’t just watch them.

3. Start reading the right materials.

Invest in your mind. Be a student with difference, A Coder with a difference, A technician with a difference.Don’t be like the rest 

4. To change your environment you have to change yourself.

Nothing is big enough to stop you, absolutely nothing and it’s a fact.

5. The unseen you is the one to make you a success.

Train that man in you. Inside of you there is a man or woman of substance, never let that inner man be intimidated. If you don’t like the place you are now in life, you have to make a new decision, new programming ,new idea ,new words and change the course of your life.

6. The limitation of memories: don’t let the memories of the past stop you.


If your past does not inspire you, dump it. if your past is not inspiring, anytime you think of something in the past and you feel treble or you want to cry, bump it. Leave it behind. It is not good enough for the picture. Think different and afresh 

7. Conquer your handicaps.

No matter what your limitations are, don’t let anything stop you. That thing that you have given as your reason for your failure, conquer it. Don’t let it stop you.You are unstoppable 

8. Conquer your environment.

Do you see failure or success ?What can you see, how far can you see? I want you to start thinking of raising business, organizations that will rule nations.

9. Be loyal.

Loyalty is a virtue. The reason for corruption is that they don’t understand the concept of loyalty.

During the last word cup, you could tell the nations that had the passion; you could tell the way they sang their anthem. Some sang looking up; they knew what they were singing.

You can’t help your country until you have the passion for the county. Be a man with convictions, be a woman with convictions. What are your convictions?

If you are not sure what your convictions are. Take a pen and write, what are the things I hold dear. What are the things I believe?

First,what do I want for my country? 

Believe in your future , you are getting greater by the day in the midst of challenges. As an Entrepreneur you are the solution to the world